• Hour 3 of 10-28-19
  • Al-Baghdadi, the leader of ISIS, was taken out over the weekend. Does this mean the US is more safe? Yes, to an extent. Dr. Geoffrey Shaw updates us on where we are with the rest of the terror threats, and he explains how we still need to be vigilant. He also encourages us not to necessarily rejoice over his death, but rather to pray for his soul.
  • Sue Brinkmann makes a case as to why mindfulness, even from a Catholic perspective, is not the best approach. Mindfulness has Hindu roots, and may not be the most practical or moral way of remaining calm. She presents her case, and also indicates that awareness of the present moment as a sacrament, and focus on God in that present moment is key. We should spend our time in adoration, she explains, not practicing any new age activity.