Pew Report shows sharp decline in Christianity

  • Hour 1 of 10-18-19
  • A recent Pew Report shows sharp decline in Christianity; we are seeing the rise in nones, people who do not identify with any faith. They might even believe there is a God, but they are apathetic to religion. How do we bring them back? Dr. Paul Thigpen gives you his take, and encourages us to boldly stand for truth in our culture. One caller joins the show to express his hesitation about the Catholic faith due to certain beliefs and the sex abuse scandal. Drew and Dr. Thigpen say that they understand where he is coming from, but encourage him to keep digging and find good Catholic resources that will help him to understand the faith better.
  • Dr. Brad Wilcox talks to Drew about the decline in fertility rates. Is this the new normal? Are people putting off having kids, and will this trend continue? Dr. Wilcox cites what he calls “wokeism.” essentially putting job and career over marriage and family. Because of this, we are seeing less parents being able to even have kids!