Protect James Younger

  • Hour 1 of 10-25-19
  • Should free speech be protected? Many young people are no longer in favor of safeguarding the 1st Amendment, and they believe that this only allows hate speech to be perpetuated. But where is the line drawn? What constitutes hate speech? Prager U asked young people what they think. Bob Lystad gives his analysis.
  • James Younger is a 7 year old boy who is being told by his mom that he should be a girl. She wants him to be chemically castrated, and his father is fighting back. James’ father says that this is child abuse, and the judge finally ruled in his favor. Although given a gag order, the truth is finally beginning to win. Walt Heyer, a man who regretted his sex change operation years ago, has been speaking to James Younger’s father, and reports on this case.