Stress Management, Chronic Pain, Anger Issues; Faith, Prayer & Healing 10.21.19

  • Dr. Gene Neri: Stress management; outrage fatigue and the toll of ongoing anger; chronic pain suffering; being part of your pain management plan with your doctor; the difference faith and prayer life can make in our health.
  • You have to participate in stress management – if you have a plan for dealing with stress, and you follow it, you’re half way home! Callers: How can I manage stress related to my health?
  • Msgr. Stuart Swetland: St. John Paul II’s important reminder ‘Be Not Afraid’; personalism as an antidote to cultural, political ideologies; what we can do as individuals, families, communities to change the culture,
  • Discussion of John Paul II, on the eve of his Feast, October 22. Act as if people matter, because they do!