The Amazon Synod

  • Hour 1 of 10-28-19
  • Dr. Matthew Bunson updates you on the Synod. It wrapped up, and has without a doubt had its controversial elements. Dr. Bunson explains the ramifications and whether the Church would ever accept married clergy. The answer is no, but he and Fr. Carter Griffin explain why. They make a case for celibacy and illustrate the Church’s beautiful tradition, which many young men embrace as a sacrificial vocation, laying their life down for the Church.
  • Dan Kish and Michelle McDaniel update you on the power outages and fires raging in California. PG&E have had to shut down power in many regions as an effort to maintain the fires and keep them in range. This has led to blackouts and people going without electricity. Pray for them and those affected; many have lost their homes due to the fires.