The consecration to Russia/Power of the Rosary

  • Hour 3 of 10-7-19
  • China and Russia have been joining forces and could pose as a dangerous threat to the US. This reminds us of our Lady’s call to consecrate Russia and pray that there might be world peace. The Fatima message is still important, even after 100 years of Our Lady appearing to the children. Prayer and sacrifice are essential. David Carollo of the Blue Army Apostolate joins Drew to discuss.
  • Drew discusses the power of the Rosary, on this the Feast Our Lady of the Rosary. It can work miracles, including Drew’s father overcoming alcoholism, saving a woman from being murdered, and so much more. Drew takes a call from someone who said the Rosary got him out of depression, another person was saved from cancer by praying the Rosary. To read the promises attached to the Rosary, you can study this.