The Democratic presidential race

  • Hour 1 of 10-24-19
  • Former VP Joe Biden has once again surpassed the other contenders in the polls. Could he have a shot at winning the nomination? He is far more moderate than the radicals like Sen. Elizabeth Warren and Sen. Bernie Sanders, but sadly still supports abortion and gay marriage. Will the fact that the president is going through this impeachment inquiry have an effect on his reelection? Will Hilary Clinton jump into the race; does she think she has a shot at winning? Dr. Carol Swain examines these questions and explains why she thinks the president will win again.
  • Dr. Lester Ruppersberger explains why we are seeing a significant uptick in STDs in the country. The CDC reports a big increase in cases of syphilis and other STDs. Why is this? Dr. makes a case for purity in a sexualized culture, and calls us to reexamine our cultural approach to sex, which is at the heart of people abusing their own and other’s sexuality. This is therefore leading to dangerous health risks.
  • The Little Sisters are being bullied again! Please pray for them! The Obama Administration originally tried to force them to violate their conscious and pay for contraceptives. Now the 9th circuit has ruled against them. When will this battle be over? Let’s believe that God and His family will be victorious in the end, and that truth will prevail. Diana Vern has been representing them and will not give up the fight; she stops by for details.