The Inner Life October 22nd – Saint John Paul II

Saint John Paul II. On the feast day of Saint John Paul II, The Inner Life takes a look at the life of JP 2 and the impact he had on the faith of millions of Catholics, as well as how he came to be a saint. Father Tom Wilson talks about the life of Saint John Paul II.


Caller Story – JPII has a special place in her heart, shares when she met him in Iowa and shaking his hand.

Caller Story – She named her child after JP 2. Shares why she named him after JP 2.

Caller Story – She shares what she admires most about JP 2.

Caller Story – She took her daughter out of High School in 1988 to see JP 2.

Caller Story – She saw JP 2 in New Orleans and shares the power of what happened.

Caller Story – He celebrated Mass on multiple occasions with JP 2.