The Inner Life October 24th – The Rosary

The Rosary. The rosary is powerful, but why do we pray it? Why do some people have a devotion to the rosary? Father Rick Heilman discuss the power of the rosary.


Caller Comment – Is a member of the US Grace Force and loves the work Father Heilman does.

Caller Story – He tries to pray the rosary ever day, and notices something is missing on the days when he doesn’t.

Caller Story – Shares the story of how the rosary helped he and his wife to adopt a child.

Caller Story – Shares her experience with the rosary crusade that Father Heilman started.

Caller Story – She started praying the rosary 2 years ago, and it changed her life.

Caller Story – He prays the rosary with his family and it is the best thing he has ever done.

Caller Story – It was the rosary that brought her to the Catholic Church.