The NBA and China

  • Hour 1 of 10-15-19
  • LeBron James opened his mouth and said he doesn’t think we have a right to support the Hong Kong protests; the NBA is concerned about players speaking out against the injustices done by China, and it’s all about money and protecting their relationship with them. Coach Steve Kerr also demonstrated his cowardice as well in the midst of this chaos. The league is being too politically correct, and people aren’t happy. Some are even starting to boycott the teams. What do you make of all of this?
  • Msgr. James Shea gives an update on the Amazon Synod. Concern has been floated around about the idea of allowing married priests in that region, and Msgr. Shea reminds us of why priests practice chastity, and why it makes sense for priests to make this important vow, as difficult as it might be. He also gives perspective on how college students at his school, the University of Mary, are handling the sex abuse crisis and the difficulties the Church is facing right now. You can learn more here.