The Patrick Madrid Show: Ocotber 28, 2019 – Hour 3

  • Caller: Beverly in FL has a 19 year old transgender grandson as well as a gay family member and she says it is a cross. She feels as if some callers and other Catholics are insensitive and lack compassion for the matter
  • Caller: Gregory in GA says Jesus calls us to love everyone because we are all human beings
  • Have integrity in commitments, including your allegiance to God
  • Caller: Anonymous in AZ sends her kids to a Catholic school that does some things she doesn’t agree with. She asks Chris’ opinion on how to handle it
  • Caller: Janice in WI thinks Chris needs his own show and she comments on the transgender movement and identity ideology
  • Caller: Katrina in WI has two children that identify as transgender and it is a cross as a parent to have to stay strong and follow Jesus despite also
  • Caller: Tasha in MN shares how she parented her 14 year old who said she was bisexual. They realized they needed to put stronger filters on her cell phone
  • Chris shares a “Godwink” story of a woman who texted her deceased father’s cell phone number every day updating him on her life, as a way to feel connected to him.

*Guest host Chris Aubert