The Patrick Madrid Show: October 1, 2019 – Hour 1

  • Caller: Katie in WI shares a story of intercession by St. Therese on her feast day last year while she was pregnant with complications
  • Kanye West announces he will no longer make secular music.
  • Caller: Trina in WI asks about the holy family and how they became saints.
  • Caller: Mary in MN shares her story of praying a St. Therese novena so that a local strip club would close down
  • Patrick shares a similar story of when his dad challenged a delicatessen to take down pornography magazines he had started selling from the front shelf in his store, and it worked
  • Caller: Helen in WI prayed a St. Therese novena when she had breast cancer. A friend brought her an angel with roses gift and to this day she is cancer free
  • Caller: John in WI has a family member who is beginning to leave the Church and try other denominations. What can he do to help her Faith?
  • Caller: Mark in NV asks why it is so necessary to have a Christian burial, or a “Catholic funeral”
  • Caller: Wes in TN experienced a traumatic car crash with his wife and going through the suffering helped kindle a fire in their love for each other they lacked before