The Patrick Madrid Show: October 11, 2019 – Hour 2

  • False claim: Transgenderism is good for women’s rights….
  • Caller: Chris in MN discuses a book called “Queer Theory”
  • Lucas in studio shares that we ought to cling to the Gospel despite the fear being festered in our world…fear of what?
  • Caller: Dave in MI doesn’t understand how such a small minority of people has taken control of the majority
  • Caller: Tim in IL can’t believe how fast this all escalated. People have been preoccupied and distracted
  • Caller: Jenny in WI says we should use different words. Instead of “gender” or “gay” say “homosexual” or “sodomy.” Instead of “pro-choice” say “pro-abortion”
  • Caller: Allen in IL asks why they revised the Catechism from 1566, wasn’t it complete? And can he use the 1962 Missal he bought in the Novus Ordo Mass?
  • Caller: Lisa in MN goes to Encourage, as she is a parent of a homosexual child. She wishes it was advertised more