The Patrick Madrid Show: October 15, 2019 – Hour 2

  • A Florida woman is the first patient to kill off breast cancer with new vaccine
  • Israeli researchers discover white blood cells that can be engineered to attack tumors, with fewer side effects than chemotherapy
  • Caller: Andy in FL grew up Protestant but is interested in becoming Catholic and asks for help understanding why Mary is honored in the Church. Patrick offers a biblical explanation for how the Catholic Church did not start reverence for Mary; Jesus Himself did.
  • Caller: Darnell in TX asks if there is anything Pope Francis has said that she has to believe as infallible, because she disagrees with much of what he is doing
  • Caller: Bunny in MO asks what spiritual warfare looks like
  • Caller asks for advice for his brother who got his girlfriend pregnant. A priest gave not so good advice
  • Yahoo data breach settlement: How to collect up to $358
  • South Jersey women charged for cheating at church bingo, investigators say