The Patrick Madrid Show: October 15, 2019 – Hour 3

  • Caller: Liz in WI asks about canonization of saints
  • Caller: Mario in TX asks about the contradiction between God’s will and our free will
  • Caller: Michelle in CA is preparing for marriage and wonders if it is wrong to want to postpone pregnancy for a year
  • Patrick shares his personal views on NFP and how he and his wife got pregnant right after marriage
  • Caller: Maria in IL asks about her son who wants to be confirmed with his friends but his school does it a year earlier
  • Caller: Al in CA asks if a possessed doll could be a portal for the devil
  • Caller: Debbie in WI has a Lutheran friend who receives the sacraments at Catholic Church but won’t convert
  • Caller: Susan in IL shares her experience donating a car to Relevant Radio
  • Caller: Melba in CO asks if there is an apologetics book that is broken down to a basic level of understanding