The Patrick Madrid Show: October 2, 2019 – Hour 2

  • Patrick gives advice on how to overcome unhealthy or paralyzing fear in order to trust and worship God more freely
  • Caller: Frank in MT asks for further insight on how the angels take our prayers to God and intercede for our children
  • Caller: Joe in CA asks Patrick’s thoughts on the possibility of priests being able to marry. Patrick explains how it could be the unraveling
  • Caller: Maria in CA has 2 kids in public high school and they just had a “gender bender” day where males dress as females and vice versa. What can she do about this?
  • Caller: James in CA asks what a good RCIA program
  • Caller: Roy is Mormon but loves Relevant Radio and the Catholic Church. He knew a Muslim who received last rites before her death, and he wonders if he can receive the sacrament too if he’s not Catholic. Patrick invites him to become Catholic