The Patrick Madrid Show: October 2, 2019 – Hour 3

  • Caller: Laura in CA is in the process of becoming Catholic but is struggling to understand why we pray to saints. What makes a person a saint?
  • Caller: Mary in TX has a teenage granddaughter who wants to be baptized in the Catholic Church. She asks for advice
  • Caller: Henry in CA acknowledges just how big the universe is, so why did God create us? We are so small
  • Caller: Michelle in CA asks about Matt 12:32 that says sins against the Father will be forgiven but sins against the Holy Spirit will not. Patrick explains the sin of final impenitence
  • Caller: Frank in RI asks the Church’s view on alien life
  • Soundbite: Ben Stein interviews Richard Dawkins on the possibility of intelligent design
  • Caller: Diane in MN asks how to respond to Catholics who are pro-choice/abortion
  • Caller: Rudy in NC asks if baptism is necessary for salvation