The Patrick Madrid Show: October 22, 2019 – Hour 1

  • Listener email: Luisa in Sweden asks for advice on parenting her 18 year old daughter with her ex-husband who is allowing her to go on a trip with her boyfriend and doesn’t communicate with her or share the faith
  • Caller: Frank attended Mass where everyone stood during the consecration and he felt it was very irreverent.
  • Caller: Cindy saw books on the occult, how to cut oneself, the demonic, etc at her local free book stand in her neighborhood. She wants to get Catholic books there
  • Caller: Jon references one of last week’s questions on why God would create Hitler. He talks about pain
  • Caller: Suzanne did psychic readings in the past where she knew things would happen and they did. How can she now cleanse herself of it all?
  • Caller: Joshua asks about Revelation 1:3 and if we should read this prophecy out loud
  • Caller: Frances asks how to balance one’s desire for a vocation in life with abandoning oneself to God’s will

*This encore originally aired on 8/13/19 during hour 3