The Patrick Madrid Show: October 23, 2019 – Hour 3

  • Caller: Kelly in MN continues her call from the previous hour on finding peace regarding her father wound and finding intimacy with God
  • Caller: Tim in TN asks how to help his 14 year old daughter who goes to a non-denominational youth group
  • Kaylyn shares a few factors from her personal experience that helped keep her engaged in the Faith growing up
  • Caller: Diane in VA
  • Caller: Andrew in WI asks about finding balance with exercise. When does it become too much? Training for a marathon takes lots of time
  • Caller: Ursula asks how long to wait after receiving Holy Communion to eat other food. Sometimes the host gets stuck in her mouth
  • Caller: Matt asks about the Amazon Synod and what we are required to accept from their decisions

*Guest Host Fr. Mike Schmitz