The Patrick Madrid Show: October 3, 2019 – Hour 2

  • Caller: Carol in MD thinks Greta Thunberg is right on with her comments on climate change. She has noticed less birds this season
  • Soundbite: Climate Change by PragerU
  • Caller: Tom in NY teaches 8th graders at church and realizes that only one of them attends Sunday Mass.
  • Caller: Jenny in CA asks where the word “Catholicism” came from
  • Caller: Ed in CA asks for help responding to claims that there were other virgin births
  • Caller: JoAnne in AZ just heard that you can add water to holy water and don’t need to bless it again, is that true?
  • Caller: Helene in NYC asks Patrick’s opinion on Bishop Barron’s book, “Letters to a Suffering Church”
  • Khyler Edman dies teen hero after fighting off alleged burglar
  • Caller: Lourdes in CA if Judas is in Hell