The Patrick Madrid Show: October 4, 2019 – Hour 1

  • AOC supporter who exclaims “eat the babies” turns out to be a troll from the LaRouchePAC
  • Caller: John in TX cautions people against seeing the Joker movie. It was very dark and too close to real life
  • Caller: Leo in CA is a Eucharistic extraordinary lay minister and he asks if he is not in the state of grace if he should refrain from participating
  • Patrick shares that at one of his speaking events he told of a priest who gave a very bold homily telling the congregation most were going to Hell. It was just what one lady needed to hear.
  • Caller: Suzette in CA has a coworker who is a fallen away Catholic and wants to be baptized again. She tried to explain you are only baptized once
  • Caller: Joanna in CA has been married for 20 years and is now getting back into the Faith seriously. She wants her marriage blessed but her husband hasn’t been confirmed and isn’t ready to
  • Listener email: Anonymous asks Patrick to address her son’s claim that Moses got high at the burning bush because of the fumes when the lightning struck the bush.
  • Caller: Steve in CA asks for clarification on “once saved always saved.”