The Patrick Madrid Show: October 4, 2019 – Hour 3

  • Caller: Ashley in CA asks if a non-Catholic can receive confession
  • Caller: Mary in WI asks for a book recommendation
  • Caller: Humberto in CA bought an old missal and found a photo of an old man in it. Since then he has experienced objects falling over in his house and wonders if there is a haunting correlation
  • Caller: Sandra in MA thinks IVF is a blessing for infertile couples. She sympathizes with them.
  • Encore of 9-9-19, Hour 1 (Segments 2 and 3):
  • Caller: Elly has a grown son who was raised in the faith but is struggling now with the priest scandals in the Church. She asks for book recommendations to help him
  • Caller: Jean is praying the 54 day novena and asks if it is okay to break up praying the rosary throughout the day
  • Caller: Nancy’s dad wants to move the burials of her mom and brother from its current cemetery and asks Patrick’s opinion