The Patrick Madrid Show: October 7, 2019 – Hour 1

  • Why this priest will NOT bless pets for the Feast of St. Francis
  • Caller: Henry in CA asks why we have the cross in every church if we believe that Jesus rose from the dead? Why not a resurrection statue?
  • Caller: Carmen in IL has a 28 year old daughter who left the Faith last year and is now practicing a witchery cult. She is going to see her tomorrow. What should she say?
  • Caller: Maddie in NY asks about a chapter in the book, “Free From All Error,” in which she needs clarification on the nine choirs of angels
  • Caller: Rose in PA asks if Muslims worship the same God we do
  • Soundbite: ‘Muslim community patrols’ have NYC residents alarmed
  • Caller: Andrew in WI comments on the topic of infertility as discussed last week. His wife is a physician and he shares that there are options at St. Gianna Clinic