The Patrick Madrid Show: October 8, 2019 – Hour 2

  • Patrick praises Ellen DeGeneres for her classy answer to the Twitter mob who was angry she associated with George W. Bush
  • Caller: Glen in AZ is disappointed to see fellow parishioners wearing shorts and flip flops to Mass
  • Caller: Rose in CA shares that she shows nothing but love and acceptance to her grandson who is same-sex attracted
  • Caller: Anne in IL has a son who moved in with his girlfriend. They’ve invited her over for Thanksgiving. Should she go?
  • Caller: Alex in NY thinks dressing at Mass has to do with people’s hearts. It’s a mindset shift and the choice of dress will follow. He is struggling currently and wears jeans
  • Caller: JoAnne in CA asks if everyone is required to go through RCIA to become Catholic
  • Caller: Steve in CA comments on how people dress for Mass
  • Caller: Laura in WI comments on the loud talking and disrespect before and after Mass while others are trying to pray
  • Caller: Chris in CA asks for advice on a new priest at his parish who was involved in bad decisions at a previous diocese