The Patrick Madrid Show: October 9, 2019 – Hour 1


  • Listener email: Kelly feels extremely uncomfortable because her next door neighbor says inappropriate things to her husband. They plan to build a fence, but what else should she say?
  • Caller: Kristen asks if there is a prayer for immediate assistance. She is distraught that her sister’s baby is 39 weeks gestation and has horrible abnormalities that may cause death (Hebrews 4:16)
  • Caller: Kelly asks if personal revelations are approved by the Church, then why are we not obligated to believe it as a miracle?
  • Caller: Leah asks for help explaining baptism to her 3 year old granddaughter as she prepares to be baptized
  • Twitter listener asks what would be appropriate boundaries for social media for married couples? It is okay to friend single people of the opposite-sex?
  • Caller: Judy asks about “kitchen sink baptisms”

*This encore originally aired on 7/26/19 during hour 1