The Patrick Madrid Show: October 9, 2019 – Hour 3


  • Listener email: Annette asks for recommendations on alternatives to the Girl Scouts
  • Caller: Lisa shares that she often has premonitions, where she anticipates something bad is about to happen. Patrick shares that he has had similar experiences
  • Caller: Pamela is not Catholic and shares her perspective on Jesus being the Son of God
  • Patrick shares a story of when his travel plans changed right before 9/11 happened
  • Caller: Delia gives some advice to women waiting and wanting to find a good husband
  • Caller: Bob asks is there is a multistate Catholic credit union. He is working two jobs but still needs help
  • Caller: Frank asks what Jesus did between birth and his ministry. Not much is recorded about those in between years

*This encore originally aired on 7/26/19 during hour 3