The Power of Beautiful, Sacred Music 10.18.19

  • Michael Kurek: The Sound of Beauty, a classical composer on music in the spiritual life; scientific explanations of sound waves and acoustics of music and their effect on people; need for return to beautiful sacred liturgical music.
  • Music soothes the savage breast; David played for King Saul. If commercial music is the “junk food” of music, it’s important to expand our musical diet.
  • When liturgical music becomes a performance, it becomes a distraction from the Eucharist. In everyday life, we are bombarded with music, sound, noise pollution; to get to a quiet place we need serene music that creates the atmosphere for prayer and contemplation.
  • We’re made in the image of God: created to create. Caller: Grace, I get so distracted by music during communion.  What can I do? Caller: Ann, Does Mass need to have music?