The rise in suicides in the military

  • Hour 3 of 10-1-19
  • There have been a spike in suicides in the military. What can be done to prevent this, and does medication help or make it worse? Dr. Gregory Bottaro shares his research and gives hope to those who have served who feel there is nothing to live for. One caller makes the point that faith can truly help those who feel depressed, and one veteran calls in to share how he overcame suicidal ideations.
  • Do you have a teen or child who may be at risk of depression? Sadly, we are seeing more and more teens considering suicide, and the rates of taking one’s own life has also gone up. What is contributing to this? Could it be smart phones? Lack of God in their lives? A brain that has not fully developed? What can be done to help the young one in your life? Dr. Frances Broghammer answers these questions and gives you hope.