Transgender kids seeking to reverse their procedures

  • Hour 1 of 10-9-19
  • The latest on the impeachment fiasco, a report from former Cong. Bob Barr. He expresses serious frustration with how the House is not following normal protocol and having a vote before launching impeachment efforts. They are doing everything in private and going behind the president’s back. You can also hear what Newt Gingrich had to say on FOX News, in which he brought up how much the president has been targeted from the day he was inaugurated.
  • Hundreds of young people who are transgender are now regretting their decision! They are wanting to reverse their procedures and wish they never got one in the first place. Sky reports that most of these are women in their 20s who are same-sex attracted. Michael Gasparro explains why and what can be done to bring the truth to people who are buying into the lies about gender and sexuality.
  • Ellen DeGeneres, a popular Hollywood liberal and gay icon, has angered many other liberals for sitting with former President Bush at a Packer/Cowboy game. She defended herself and said that it should not matter if she is friends with people she might disagree with. She said we need to choose kindness and put aside divisions. Timmerie Millington shares her perspective on this and applauds Ellen for being courageous in this regard. She also talks about how there are French protests being waged against IVF!