Unable to walk or talk, woman’s unexpected cure first approved Knock miracle

On Sept. 3, 1989, Marion Carroll went to the Shrine of Our Lady Knock in a stretcher. Later that day, she walked home. Formally announced on Sept. 1, Carroll’s sudden, complete, and inexplicable cure from multiple sclerosis is the first miracle approved by the Catholic Church at Ireland’s national Marian shrine.

Carroll shared her story in an interview on a recent episode of The Miracle Hunter on Relevant Radio®.

Carroll had been diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in 1972. By 1989, she had lost the use of her limbs and control of her bowels, could barely talk or swallow food, was completely blind in one eye and impaired in the other, and suffered chronic pain.

“I was like a baby in a pram,” she said during the radio show, having to be fed, clothed, and bathed.

Her kidneys were also deteriorating as a side effect of the disease. She felt she was dying.

She had made a previous pilgrimage to Knock following her initial diagnosis, but it was a miserable, rainy day at an empty shrine, and she had vowed never to go back. She accepted the invitation of a friend organizing the pilgrimage that September just to escape monotony of her bedroom.

After the anointing of the sick in the shrine basilica, she got a strange restless feeling. Then, after receiving Holy Communion, she felt a sharp, unusual pain in her heel. But when it left, all her physical pain left, too.

At the end of Mass, the celebrant approached to bless her with the Eucharist.

“I got this beautiful feeling, magnificent feeling like a whispery breeze,” she said of the moment the monstrance was lifted over her. She heard within her that if the stretcher were open she would be able to get up and walk.

Characterizing herself as “practical and down-to-earth,” she didn’t know what to do. But once back at shrine’s care center for the sick, she asked her nurse, “Would you think I was stupid that if the stretcher was open that I could get up and walk?”

Just to placate Carroll, the nurse opened the stretcher. Carroll’s legs swung over the side, and she sat up without help or support. Sitting there, a vision of her heart flashed before her eyes.

“It was so full of joy and peace and a love there is no end to. And it was so shiny, it was like I was looking directly into the sun and the rays of that came towards me, but all them gifts of that joy, that peace and that great love,” she said.

She knew she was completely cured.

When she walked into to her home in nearby Althone that evening, her husband fell to his knees crying and thanking God. Two weeks went by before the Carrolls could speak about Marion’s illness and cure, about the “fear, uncertainty, and death” that had hung over them.  She learned that her husband had often prayed that God would take him and cure her.

Since her healing, Carroll has dedicated herself to accompanying the sick and their families.

“I realize that Jesus brought me to the brink of death so that I would understand what people can’t explain when they’re sick,” she said on air.

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