Where the impeachment process is at

  • Hour 3 of 10-22-19
  • Dr. Paul Kengor gives you a look at the Democrats leading the trail for the 2020 election. Mayor Pete Buttigieg is charging up the ranks and now seated at the top 4 spot. He seems to be using his Episcopalian faith as a way to get voters, but in an interview with MSNBC, he wouldn’t even admit he has a relationship with Jesus. He spoke of love and abstract spiritual ideas, and this seems to support his progressive views on marriage and sexuality. Will Catholics vote for him? This remains to be seen, but the Democrats might be relying on him as a moderate since Sen. Warren or Sen. Sanders may not be accepted by all Democrats. Dr. Paul Kengor gives his analysis.
  • Cong. Bob Barr joins Drew to discuss this ridiculous impeachment inquiry. Sen. Kamala Harris and the other Democrats spent time at the last CNN debate calling the president “corrupt” and “unfit,” but many question whether the president actually gave the Ukraine president a “quid pro quo.” As of today, an ambassador claims President Trump absolutely did say he would withhold money if the Ukraine did not investigate the Bidens, but even if he did, Cong. Barr questions why this would be wrong. He calls out the hypocrisy and everything that is wrong with this trial, and says that it is not being handled with tact.