Why young people are attracted to socialism

  • Hour 1 of 10-23-19
  • More and more young people seem to be gravitating towards socialism, and they are voting for candidates that represent that agenda. It seems as if they don’t understand what it truly is, and they like the idea of wiping away student debt, healthcare for all, and care for the marginalized. The idea of free stuff may seem nice, but socialism has completely failed in places like Venezuela. Lee Edwards has written about this, and joins Drew to give his expertise on this issue. He explains how so many young people have grown up in a culture of entitlement and don’t think they need to work hard.
  • The idea of microchipping has become mainstream, and NBC even did a report about it recently. It may seem convenient to not have to carry around an ID anymore and to have everything stored, but we really need to consider the serious implications of this and what it could do. Many bring up the dangers of it being the “mark of the beast.” Others don’t like the idea of being potentially hacked. Is it safe? Dr. Eugene Gan raises some concerns about it, but Drew explains some reasons why he is not completely against the proposal.