Would lowering the drinking age curb binge drinking?

  • Hour 3 of 10-9-19
  • Do you think that lowering the drinking age would help to limit binge drinking? Dr. Kathleen Berchelmann is not fond of the idea and she explains why. One caller makes the case that if someone can serve in the military they should be able to have a drink, but Dr. Berchelmann explains that someone who serves in the military does not need to have a fully matured brain. However, one who is able to drink should have a fully matured brain, she explains. She says that parents can and should be able to witness to what responsible drinking looks like, and never display drunken behavior in front of their kids.
  • Turkey is invading Syria, and this is days after President Trump made the decision to pull troops out of Syria. This decision has not been received well, even among Republicans like Sen. Lindsey Graham and Sen Mitch McConnell. Sen. Graham told FOX News that this is the worst decision President Trump could make. The president also wants to get out of the Open Skies treaty. Dakota Wood gives his insight.