A new presidential candidate

  • Hour 1 of 11-25-19
  • The president has been in Japan, and this weekend he reflected on the bombings of Hiroshima. He has used this trip as an opportunity to call out the evils of nuclear warfare. He declared that a country even having nuclear arms is wrong, even if they are not used. They are an act of intimidation in it of themselves, and should be discarded altogether. Drew shares his agreement and calls us all to work for peace.
  • Did you hear that Justice Ginsburg had another health scare? She was in the hospital over the weekend due to concerns that she could be having more complications. As a liberal Supreme Court member, we need to pray for her conversion on the issue of life and marriage. While we don’t pray for her ill or for anything tragic, we hope she will come to see the evil that abortion is.
  • Drew talks to Dr. Paul Kengor about a new presidential candidate who jumped in recently. He is former Mayor Mike Bloomberg. He is very rich, and should not be completely turned a blind eye to. He could pose a threat, but the fact that he is announcing his candidacy later in the race, it could work out to be a detriment to his success. He might run as a moderate, but he is stil liberal on abortion and other issues.
  • Drew talks to his daughter, Andrea, as she attended a prayer rally in Houston this weekend. There was a satanic black mass, and a large crowd gathered around to pray and make reparation. Andrea was there, and she reports on what she saw. Some of the descriptions may make you sick to your stomach, as there were evil violent acts done and people wearing horns. She said you could feel the evil all around. We need to pray and ask God for His mercy for so much evil. However, we also need to cling to hope and remember that Jesus is victorious.