Abortion and Sexual ethics

  • Hour 1 of 11-13-19
  • The USCCB has been meeting this week, and one of the points of contention had to do with whether or not abortion should be at the list of the top key issues when voting. Some bishops and clergy like Bishop McElroy and Cardinal Cupich want to keep other voting issues like immigration at the same level, while others like Archbishop Chaput believe Pope Francis would also want abortion to be preeminent. Dr. Matthew Bunson joins Drew to discuss this and other issues being addressed at the USCCB Conference meeting of bishops this week.
  • Drew plays audio from The Patrick Madrid Show where Patrick calls out the movements within the Church (and outside too) which claim that the pro-life movement is not truly pro-life because it only cares about abortion. Patrick says this is a ridiculous and unfair argument because no one ever accuses the anti-death penalty crowd that they don’t care about abortion. This is only, he says, an attempt to water down the efforts of the pro-life cause and to make it seem unsuccessful and foolish.
  • Drew also reflects on the negative effects of the sexual revolution which have plagued our society. He reminds us that Pope Paul VI warned in Humanae Vitae that contraception would cause men to objectify women. He indicates how we as Catholics need to stand up against the evils of abortion and bring about an end to the culture of death. This is no time to sit on the sidelines!