An update on the Covington case

  • Hour 1 of 11-5-19
  • Things are looking up for Nick Sandmann, who was one of the Covington students and falsely defamed by the mainstream media after he and others were confronted by natives at the March for Life. The court ruled against him a few months ago and the case seemed to be dropped, but now there is a recent change of events. A judge has reopened the case made against the Washington Post. Pray for him and for the truth to prevail. Todd McMurtry, an attorney for Sandmann, reports.
  • Relevant Radio’s impact and pledge drive discussed with Msgr James Shae of the University of Mary. He is on the board for FOCUS, and he expresses the need for young people to know and share the faith. Relevant Radio is here to build up the young church, and Msgr Shae can testify to that; he shares impact stories and how lives have been changed by this ministry.