Chaplet/Message of mercy

  • Hour 2 of 11-25-19
  • Chaplet of Divine Mercy
  • Fr. Chris Alar joins Drew to discuss the message of St. Faustina, mercy, and living for Christ. He shares a personal experience of struggling with health, which has taught him a valuable lesson. He realized how short life is, and he came to understand the areas in his life where he was not showing God’s love. He admits his struggles, and encourages you to dig deep as well to ask yourself how much you are living out God’s love. He explains that while we will never be perfect in the sense that we never mess up, we can come to a place of showing God’s perfect love in the way we are meant to.
  • Get this! A 89,000°F wall of plasma has been found to wrap around our solar system. This comes from Nerdist: “The sphere of piping hot plasma…is discussed in the video... from YouTuber and high school science, math, and computer science teacher, Anton Petrov. In the video, which comes via Digital Journal, Petrov discusses one of NASA’s latest discoveries, made when its Voyager 2 space probe (launched in ’77) began passing through a region surrounding our solar system known as the heliopause. In this region, Voyager 2 discovered the spherical wall of interstellar plasma, which Petrov calls a “wall of fire.”” Fr. Chris Corbally updates you.