Conversion and Spiritual Warfare

  • Hour 3 of 11-6-19
  • Have you encountered spiritual warfare before? Has the enemy tried to stop you from doing something for God’s glory? Spiritual struggle could be a sign we are growing closer to Christ; we must not give up, and we need to be aware that Satan truly hates us and doesn’t want us to know Christ. Joe Tremblay shares his comments on spiritual warfare, and continues a conversation on conversion.
  • For the Relevant Radio Join the Family Pledge Drive, the special premium at the dollar a day level is a medal of St. Peter and Paul. Patrick Madrid says he felt that Satan did not want you to get these medals. When he was travelling in the Holy Land, he saw that the medals were being shipped to England and all sorts of problems were happening. Now, they are successfully retrieved and being placed on many holy sites, including where Jesus died. These medals are not a rabbit’s foot or something meant to be seen as magic. We need to see these medals as “putting on the armor of God,” as Patrick Madrid explains. It can help ward off evil and demonic attacks when we put our trust in Christ. With Him we have nothing to fear.