Ecological sins

  • Hour 1 of 11-26-19
  • Should sins against ecology be added to the Catechism? Pope Francis wants to make this change as an effort to bring about better awareness of care for the environment. Dr. Christopher Thompson shares his thoughts. He explains that while we can’t make the environment an idol, but we do need to practice stewardship and care for what God has given us. We should not take population control messages seriously enough to the point that we stop having kids. This is where it goes too far.
  • Heard of Battle Ready Strong? It’s a ministry founded by Doug Barry, and guest host Kalley Yanta talks to him. He calls us all to take up our duties to the fight for the faith in the midst of this crisis in the Church. While there is much chaos, confusion, and demonic activity right now, we need to stay strong and make acts of prayer and reparation. On Dec. 6th, some bishops in Ireland have asked us to make this a day of prayer and sacrifice. Let’s do what we all can to stand for Christ when it seems like so much evil is being spread because of the ills of the secularization and radicalization in our culture and Church.