Go Ask Your Father November 18th – Helping Others

Have you ever thought that a problem was just to big to take on by yourself? Do you ever feel like you can’t make a difference? Msgr. Swetland shares with you a story of an 8 year old boy who has spent the last few years making goodie bags for homeless veterans.


Caller Question – Can she be friends with Jehovah’s Witness?

Caller Question – What does the Church teach about illumination of consciousness?

Caller Question – Is it required to put blessed salt in holy water?

Caller Question – Why do priests not talk and or teach about purgatory?

Caller Question – What does the Church teach about Reiki?

Caller Question – What happens to people who are not Catholic and don’t believe in purgatory?

Catechetical Corner – Salvation

Caller Question – She was not baptized before her Catholic marriage, does that make her marriage invalid in the Church?