Go Ask Your Father November 20th – See Something, Do Something

See something, do something. A motto we should all live by, but one that can be easier said than done. Well a woman in Wisconsin lived by that saying recently when she saw 2 young children outside in the cold without any coats on. Msgr. Swetland shares with you the story and how this woman’s actions might have saved a few lives.


Caller Question – How does he know what denomination of Christian he is?

Caller Question – How is it that non-Catholics celebrate Advent?

Caller Question – What does the Church teach about practicing Yoga?

Caller Question – Is a Mass valid if the candles are not lit?

Caller Question – Can he receive communion in a Greek Orthodox church?

Catechetical Corner – The Message of the Gospel

Caller Question – What happened to the “others” in the Gospel today?