Go Ask Your Father November 25th – Medical Debt

Medical debt is something many people deal with in their life and it can be crippling. Msgr Swetland shares with you a story of a Chicago church that raised money to pay of the medical debt of people in the Chicago area.


Caller Question – Why are some people healed and others not?

Caller Question – How do you enter seminary if you have student debt from other colleges? Is there student debt forgiveness with the seminary?

Caller Question – Why don’t we hear more about the Magisterium?

Caller Question – Christ died for all of us, why do we still have to go on 2000 year later?

Catechetical Corner – Holy Orders

Caller Question – Why do we pray 10 Hail Mary’s in each decade of the Rosary?


*** Originial Air Date 10/22/2019