Great Stories about Great Saints – Your Favorite Saint

  • Hour 3 of 11-1-19
  • On All Saints Day, Drew shares great stories about great saints. Who is your favorite saint and why? One caller phones in to talk about her love for St. Faustina and Bl. Sopocko, and Drew explains why he thinks Bl. Sopocko, the confessor to St. Faustina, should be a saint soon!
  • Drew also speaks to Fr. David Meconi shares the beautiful connection between St. Augustine, St. Monica, (his mother,) and St. Ambrose, who was the one to whom St. Augustine began to be attracted to the faith. St. Augustine is known for saying “our hearts are restless until they rest in Him.” Nothing in this culture can fulfill the longing our hearts have for God. Keep praying for that loved one away from the faith just as St. Monica did, and trust that God can work that conversion.