Keeping peace with your family during the season

  • Hour 3 of 11-25-19
  • Do you have family members who have different political views than you? Are they coming over for the Thanksgiving meal? It can be tempting to want to engage in fights with them, but as Catholics, we are called to keep the peace. Steve Ray has some experience with this, and he has some helpful advice for you which you can read here. He says that while we are called to stand for truth, some things are better left unsaid, and we need to know when to drop the conversation and talk about topics we can agree on. Prayers for a chaos free and peaceful Thanksgiving meal!
  • Jake put together a special surprise for the show! He was able to talk to other Relevant Radio show hosts, and he asked them what they are thankful for and what they like about this time of year. John Harper, Fr. Matthew Spencer, Fr. Richard Simon, Chuck Neff, and your other favorites share their Thanksgiving memories. They encourage you to choose gratitute and thank God for the gifts He has bestowed upon you.