Religious freedom issues

  • Hour 1 of 11-7-19
  • Do you feel that your religious liberties are at stake? The HHS has ruled on conscience and adoption. Catholic adoption agencies were being forced to adopt out to same-sex couples, and instead of complying, some agencies have decided to shut down instead. What’s the latest? Andrea Picciotti-Bayer updates on these cases, and explains why we need to take religious freedom issues seriously. Our God-given right to practice our faith is under fire, and despite what secularists want to believe, our founding father truly valued religious liberties.
  • Have you heard about the Box of Joy? It’s from Cross Catholic Outreach, and they are meant to provide gift boxes for poor children. It’s happening now! Nov. 2nd through 10th. You can find a drop off location in your area here. Drew shares his experience in Haiti among the poor, and he is joined by Jim Cavnar to explain more.