The Patrick Madrid Show: November 11, 2019 – Hour 3

  • Caller: Anthony in MN recently became aware that his cousin who is a doctor performs abortions. Is he obligated to confront him about it?
  • Caller: Jake in TN asks if there is Scriptural evidence for the apostles handing on the authority and teachings of the Church
  • Caller: Glenn in MA asks how to convince his wife to go and see Patrick speak at one of his speaking events
  • Caller: Marie in CA shares what she tells her son as far as being a stand up man
  • Patrick responds to a lady on Twitter that said she stopped listening to Relevant Radio because it has a liberal agenda
  • Kathy in WI asks if she should take down the Mezuzah that was at the new house she moved into
  • Caller: Joe in MA asks if we are judged right when we die or at the end of the world. Patrick explains how it is both