The Patrick Madrid Show: November 12, 2019 – Hour 2

  • Caller: Margie in MO was invited to a Native American event where they will practice smudging. Is that okay?
  • Caller: Juby in TX is not Catholic and asks what Catholics believe about the second coming. What about the Rapture? She explains her search for truth is based in Scripture instead of feelings
  • Caller: Dante in CA runs cross country and asks if he can race on Sunday or if it would be violating keeping the Lord’s Day holy
  • Caller: Henry in CA asks if Judas was chosen as the one to betray Jesus by God Himself. Is he truly guilty or was it part of God’s plan?
  • Caller: Mary in CA says her pastor hired an openly gay person to teach faith formation classes and she is concerned about this person giving a bad example