The Patrick Madrid Show: November 12, 2019 – Hour 3

  • Audio from Digital Trends: Technological innovations from WWII that we still use today
  • Caller: Eric in MN asks if a devil can manifest itself in a human body. He refers to when Jesus says “one of you is a devil”
  • Caller: Elena in CA asks if Mary is called “the Mother of God,” does that mean she is the mother of the whole trinity?
  • Caller: Geri in IL talks about her gay friends who don’t live the homosexual lifestyle
  • Caller: John in AZ discusses God’s foreknowledge of human actions and free will
  • Caller: Lloyd in WI sponsors a kid in China and he is secretly listening to Relevant Radio as it is dangerous to be Catholic in China
  • Caller: Ann in IL asks Patrick’s advice on what to say to her son who says he is seeking truth, yet fornicates with his girlfriend. She is worried they will get married and she is pulling him away from the Faith