The Patrick Madrid Show: November 13, 2019 – Hour 3

  • Caller: Saul in IL asks if you are aware someone is in mortal sin but don’t call them out to correct them, are you in sin too?
  • Caller: Mark in CA asks Patrick’s opinion on a situation he encountered where there was a homeless man sleeping in the adoration chapel and someone kicked him out
  • Caller: John in PA discusses the slim chances of success in marriage if the couple lives together beforehand
  • Caller: Lori in CA has a mandatory training at work on transgender issues. What should she do?
  • Caller: Mike in MN has 5 daughters who are married now and he shares how he taught them about guarding their hearts and finding good men
  • Caller: Jim in AZ asks how to reconcile the final judgment and public revelation of all sins with God’s mercy and forgiveness
  • Caller: Ginny in MN asks the Church’s stance on surrogacy