The Patrick Madrid Show: November 14, 2019 – Hour 3

  • El Noofi on Twitter asks what the Church defines as a mystic and if it involves magic or wizardry
  • Caller: Julia in IA asks how to help her husband who has no faith background understand evil in the world and how demons could be working among us
  • Patrick explains some angelology
  • Caller: Tilly in UT shares her joy that her son has overcome his addictions, but doesn’t like that he has grown his hair out, as he says it’s instructed in the Bible
  • Patrick reports there is an active shooter at a high school in North Los Angeles and 7 people are wounded. No further details released.
  • Caller: Harry in NY asks about spending time in Purgatory
  • Caller: Cesar in CA has been living in sin with his girlfriend and has 3 children with her. He is beginning to yearn for the Eucharist, what does he need to do other than go to confession?